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Hemp is Legalized! Why does it matter?

A Short Introduction to Hemp Cannabis has been a hot topic lately with legalization on the rise, however, we seldom hear about its cousin, hemp. Hemp, which contains low THC, is a plant with over 50,000 uses in everything from textiles, biodegradable plastic, food, to...

The Natural History of Cannabis Sativa?

Introduction Over the last few centuries, Cannabis Sativa has been used for many things such as fiber for rope, and as a hallucinogen. Cannabis Sativa is mainly broken up into two varieties of plants; hemp, and cannabis or marijuana. While the United States is...

How Hemp Oil Works For Anxiety

Hemp Oil For Anxiety As more studies around cannabis arise, the more we learn about the effects cannabis has on the human body. Within cannabis, there is a by-product called cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, which is a type of cannabinoid found naturally in...